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Autism Spectrum Australia

A Guide to Transition to School - Digital eBook Edition

A Guide to Transition to School - Digital eBook Edition

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Newly revised and now available as a digital eBook!

You can download a brief sample preview of the ebook HERE

The Transition to School Manual aims to promote smooth and successful transitions to mainstream school for young children with autism. The manual consists of school-readiness checklists, specific teaching and positive behaviour support strategies, worksheets and visual supports to assist in the development of a structured teaching program to prepare children to commence school. In addition, this guide contains vital information to assist parents through the enrolment process and in determining the most appropriate school option for their child. Included are many examples of visual charts, social stories, sequences and timetables which can be readily used in the home, pre-school setting and school classroom. The manual is a valuable source of information regarding the triad of impairments in autism, the specific thinking and learning styles, sensory sensitivities and visual learning strengths of this population of children. The Transition to School Manual is designed for use by families, preschools, therapists and school personnel involved in the transition to school process for young children with autism.

Developed by Dr Genevieve Johnsson, Autism Spectrum Australia, and based on the 2001 Transition to School by Susan Dodd, Libby Brennan and Melanie Collins (Special Educators).
Illustrated by Bernard Derriman.
61pp manual, published 2023.

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