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Autism Spectrum Australia

Guide To Positive Behaviour Support - Digital eBook Edition

Guide To Positive Behaviour Support - Digital eBook Edition

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Newly revised and now available as a digital eBook!

You can download a brief sample preview of the ebook HERE

This guide to positive behaviour support provides a framework under which families and service providers can implement best practice in supporting individuals on the autism spectrum who are presenting with behaviours of concern.

The guide includes practical strategies and assessment tools, as well as implementation and intervention supports. The guide aims to create a step-by-step, easy-to-follow process to support families and professionals to create and implement positive behaviour support for children on the autism spectrum. Environmental supports and prevention strategies are included, as well as a guide to functional behaviour assessment, teaching new skills and safety strategies to manage behaviours that challenge. The guide includes a range of templates for assessing behaviour, creating a behaviour plan, setting up autism-friendly supports, teaching new skills and advocating for positive behaviour support across school, preschools and other therapy programs. In addition, examples and templates of visual supports, strategies to improve quality of life and positive relationships are provided to support practical and long-term behaviour change.

Developed by Jessica Degrassi, Educational and Developmental Psychologist and Specialist
Behaviour Support Practitioner.
Illustrated by Cassandra Gaunson.
87pp manual. Published 2023

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